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Wow. A long time between drinks, hey?

Please accept these flowers as an apology…


I can’t believe I’m sitting down to finally start writing properly again. SO much has happened between my last post and now! If you don’t follow me in Instagram, Twitter or Snapchat you might have wondered if I ran away. Well I did, sort of. In mid March, we finally moved into our brand new house!  Over five months in and I still can’t quite believe it. So between work and sorting though all our things, I have barely thought about sitting down to write. But this last week, I finally cleaned up my office, and now get to sit at my desk and type away. There is so much to do to make this office even more work friendly, but I have a clear desk and a chair, and I’m good to go!

In that time, I haven’t completely forgot about blogging. I have actually taken quite a few photos (trying to find the best lighting spot in the house! #bloggerproblems amiright?) And have been lucky enough to still get to try a few new things that have become staples in my routine. So fear not. I have plenty of content to start back up again. Along with all the beauty, a new house brings plenty of new opportunities to start documenting organising, decorating and DIY that we are encountering along the way. Our backyard is a blank slate (aka a giant mud pit) and I can’t wait to get stuck into it as the weather heats up!


Said mud pit. But soon to be view from my desk!

So with that mini update, I hope you’ll welcome me back with open arms. I’m sure you’ll hear many more stories from the past five or so months in my upcoming posts, so I’m keeping this one short and sweet.

Have an amazing week!


A Little Housekeeping!

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Wow, it has certainly been a little while. I have a fair bit to update you all on!

To be honest, when I started blogging I wasn’t 100% happy with my name. It is long, and a little bit of a tongue twister at the best of times, but I wanted to try and stick with it, because I love the meaning of why I chose it. And I loved the design of my site, but it always felt a little unfinished. Fast forward almost 3 years and when it was suggested we re do the blog layout, I figured it was the right time to overhaul it completely, name and all! So for the past few months, my awesome partner has been building my new look site from the ground up (catering to my sometimes nit picky requests!) while I have been learning photoshop more in depth, creating all my graphics. Meaning my posts have fallen by the wayside.

But I’m here to inform you that we are very very close to launching, and are just putting the final touches on. I do apologise in advance for any teething problems, both here and when the new site goes live, as I will be reformatting many of my older posts to be ready to import to the new site.

Now for the fun stuff. I have always been a beauty blog with other topics thrown in the mix. While my posts will still predominantly be beauty, I want to start adding more lifestyle posts in the mix. DIYs, decorating, new house posts, recipes, and other health related posts. So when you visit, you will have the option of seeing them all together, or selecting the category you want to see! So with that, if you have any requests, feel free to let me know, so I can start planning some even better content moving forward, because I’m beyond excited to share with you my new look!


I’m Back! But Where Have I Been?!

Well, doesn’t time fly! I can’t believe it’s been almost a month since I sat down to write a post, and I feel bad for leaving you all in the lurch. March was most certainly a manic month for me and getting the opportunity to give some quality time to my writing just never came up. It was nice to have a little break from it all, but time makes the heart grow fonder, right? 😉 It did for me at least! I have so many exciting things to share that I thought this would be the perfect way to begin blogging again. Just a little catch up, you and me! So grab a coffee and lets chat!

So March became the month that resulted in a number of exciting things for me!

  • My birthday! Yep, on the 10th of March I hit the big 2-5. I love that my birthday always falls around the Labour Day holiday (in Vic), so I get a long weekend of fun. I didn’t plan to do much, just be out and about and enjoy the good weather. I also scored my free birthday Boost Juice and churros, because , everything tastes better when it’s free. 😛 My birthday wish was to get a new laptop, so I was kindly given money to put my very own MACBOOK on lay-by! Yep, I’m converting to the silver side! I can’t wait to pay it off and start playing with it.
Birthday churros!

Birthday churros!

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DonateLife Week 2014

Today I’m going to share with you probably one of my most personal stories. But please read to the end, because there is a very important message.

High school and year 12 is certainly one of those years that has its highs and lows. But for myself, my friends, and my entire year level, we had no idea how extreme this could be.

Early in my VCE, two friends and myself had birthdays all within a few weeks of each other, so we decided to share one big birthday night. We planned everything. The invites, the food, the music. We wanted everything to be perfect. And for the night it was. We had a few to many drinks, we sang and danced and acted like any other teenagers would. But the one thing from the night I remember was running into the house to get my camera, because my friend’s parent said we needed photos of the night. So I ran person to person, group to group, taking photos of as many people as I could (but none of me, I hated photos, and ‘selfies’ weren’t even thought of then :P). One of those photos was the most important of them all.


Not the photo mentioned, but my last photo with Courtney, on her birthday.

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Thoughts in the Life of: New Year Edit

Well, fancy seeing you all here! It certainly has been a while. Towards the end of last year, I ended up giving myself a self imposed blogging hiatus. I was getting bogged down and with the hectic nature of the holidays, I just stepped away. But I’m back! So be ready for a lot of new posts, and some I’ve had waiting in the drafts folder for a little while, and if you have any requests, let me know! But I thought I would give you a little bit of a life update of what has been going on in my non blogging world :)

  • Christmas was full of love, food and presents!
2014-01-07 14.24.16

Spoiled by a boy who knows me well!

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