NOTD: Bio Sculpture Gel Nail Polishes

Now, let’s get this straight. I am no connoisseur of nail art, in any way. Or form. It is only through plenty of practice that I am confident in painting my nails properly. And even that includes nifty tricks to clean it up. So I apologise in advance for the impending terror, but I will make it up to you by showing you work from and AMAZING nail artist. All about balance, right?

When I got given the chance to try out the normal version of Bio Sculpture’s Gel polishes, I was beyond excited. The fact that they offer the chance to use their colour range in an at home way is great, particularly with may of us being time poor, sometimes getting to the salon can be a bit of a challenge. They offer an amazing range of colours to choose from too, you will never be short of choice And the newest release spring colours are right on trend and right up my alley, pastels! And the extremely talented Tomoko Namba (Bio Sculpture Gel’s Master Nail Artist) certainly inspired me (and slightly intimidated me) with the most amazing nail art ever. Check a couple of them out here (click on the photo for a closer look):




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NOTD: Essence Snow White Collection: Grumpy

It’s been a little while since I have done a nail of the day post. Renovations and nail polish don’t really mix! But I have a gorgeous polish to show you today that won’t leave you at all grumpy 😛

In my brain, I thought the Essence Snow White collection had come and gone, but browsing my local Priceline, I came across a near-full stocked display!  This polish just caught my eye. However the name makes me laugh. Grumpy? This polish doesn’t make my grumpy AT ALL. If only there was a ‘Sad’ dwarf 😛 I love that this is an in your face, but still a darker kind of cobalt blue, because I find lighter blues a little harder to wear sometimes. This went on in two coats and no streaky-ness in sight. In some photos there was a visible nail line but in real life you couldn’t see it at all. Excuse the bubbles, they came from the top coat, need to tone down the application!

Have you seen this collection around?


NOTD: New Year’s Eve Mani

Apologies for the lack of posting, I was thoroughly enjoying my time off work after Christmas, and enjoying my new camera so much, I didn’t actually get any of the photos off my camera until now! Since my New years wasn’t all that exciting, the only make up related item I was wearing on NYE was nail polish, and what is no NYE mani complete without?! GLITTER!


Mine included a awesomely bright purple from Hello Darling called ‘Loveshack.’ And as much as I was tempted to make it all glitter, I decided on a gradent with Emily De Molly‘s ‘Warrior Princess.’ It is an AMAZEBALLS (yes, a completely appropriate word for this polish) purple/blue/magenta glitter in a purple base. The glitter dense enough to use by itself too. Drool worthy. Almost like a fireworks display on my nails.

What did your nails wear this NYE?


NOTD: Christmas Mani

I’ll take any chance I can get to theme-up my nails, and Christmas is really no exception. The choices are endless when choosing something to wear at Christmas time. And clearly, I had to incorporate GLITTER!


The base is OPI DS Reflection and the glitter is NYX Grand Royal. I love this pair so much I wore it for a good week. Apologies for the dinky short pointer nail. I was trying to go all ‘masterchef’ and chop onions quickly, but I sliced a chunk out of my nail instead and had to file it back. Oops.

Do you dress up you nails for the holidays? What is your favourite Christmas mani?


NOTD: piCture pOlish Candy

If it isn’t already obvious, I love pink, it’s my weakness. In the back of my head I can see my boyfriend looking at my polishes and saying “but they all look the same?”- NO. However, this pink polish has fast become one of my favourites!

I introduce to you piCture pOlish Candy.

Something about this colour screams the perfect pink to me. Not too pale, not too bright. It doesn’t lean too cool or warm against my skin tone. And as for the name, to me it really is a candy pink. Read More »