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Lust Have It: October 2012

I really is a shame when I can write half the review before I have even received this month’s box. In recent times Lust Have It’s communication and organisation have left them more than a little disappointing. Payment is taken within the first few days of the month, while as I write this (on the morning of the 29th of October) I still have received no box (and it didn’t arrive until the 31st). This is certainly not the ‘middle of the month’ estimate they provide. With no tracking details, and only a short email to say ‘we have shipped your box’ (which only started this month) knowing when it will arrive is a little hit and miss.


They have also communicated that the Fun and Flirty boxes were delayed due to a company not getting the samples sent on time. While I appreciate that relying on other people to be on time so you can be on time is difficult, these sort of things should be sorted well in advance so customers aren’t left waiting.

With that aside, this is what I received in this month’s box.


Lust Have It: September 2012

This is the second of my beauty subscriptions, you can see what I got and what I thought below!



This is the Fun and Flirty box for September. On a side note, I never thought I’d say I have too many make up/toiletry bags, but getting these almost monthly is becoming a little too much. But I do love them, they do carry a lot, and you can see how much one holds in my ‘travel make up bag’ post here.
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Lust Have It: August 2012

I got my August Lust Have It in the mail today and I thought I would share with you the things inside! This is Lust Have It’s 1st birthday, so I was a little excited to say the least, to receive this box. The box I received was the ‘Fun and Flirty’ box, and it came wrapped like a little gift, very cute! While I love the bright coloured bags we have been getting, this was a nice change!


And below are the items inside this month’s ‘Fun and Flirty’ box!


February 2012 Subscription Box Rundown

With beauty subscription boxes fully alive in Australia, and many awesome reviews already around, I though I would do mine a little different. Instead of posting a full review of all four subscription boxes, I’ve decided to to a quick overview of the products I received, where I pick a hit and miss from each box. So here we go! I will list in order of arrival purely so I don’t choose one I may have liked more.