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Antipodean Beauties: Glitter

Well week 2 of the Antipodean Beauties Challenge is right up my alley. If you didn’t already know, glitter is my favourite colour. Instinctively I would usually choose glitter nail polish, but I had to cut all my nails short (insert tears here), so I was forced to try something else.



I tried something that I’m usually fairly scared of showing up close: my eyeliner. And I’m actually happy with how it turned out! So I’ve done a Face of the Day to show off a bit of glitter eyeliner.


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Berry Rush

During winter, my favourite go to shade for almost anything seems to be a berry red. Since I have a deep seeded love for the colour pink, this shade still gives me all that pink goodness, but looks much more winter like. I have put together I number of my favourite berry coloured items today.


Products marked with * were provided for consideration


Zoya Nail Polish in Reagan- In the photo, this looks quite pink, but when applied it is the most gorgeous bright berry. It was love the moment I applied it to my nails. And even though it came in a summer collection, i think it still works as a winter one too!

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FOTD: Neutral Eyes + Bright Lips!

I don’t seem to post enough ‘Face of the Day’ kind of posts. So I thought since I’ve been pretty absent in the last week, I’d share with you a pretty standard go-to look for me. I love bright lips of any kind so often my eyeshadow choices are quite neutral so I can get away with my bright lip choices. And today’s look features one of my favourite lip products!

Yep, lips are the same colour as my top. Not obsessed at all *cough*

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Illamasqua I’mperfection Collection: Blusher Duo + Liquid Eyeliner

If you can’t tell by the name of my blog, I’m not one for being perfect. I misspell words*, I trip over air and I certainly do not have perfect skin. But to me, that’s the beauty of people. We are all different, and that should be embraced. Well, with Illamasqua’s new collection I’mperfection (see what they did there?!), they do just that. They want to see your freckles, scars and beauty marks, in all their glory. Yep, scary right? Well it doesn’t have to be 😉 There’s no need to hide behind make up, use it to show yourself off! I implore you to check out the behind the scenes video of this collection and see what the leaders of this company say about imperfection and beauty, it really is lovely to see. And check out these gorgeous photos from the campaign. Every single person is beautiful, no matter their imperfections.

Frankie - pearls and nails CMYK LOGO

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