Priceline Goodie + Mail Haul

Sales are always dangerous. I’m one of those people that think, ‘oh I may not need it now, but if I get it now, I’ll save when I actually need it!” That’s exactly why Priceline’s pink dot sale got me sucked in, good. I picked up some amazing savings (and you still can too!). I also picked up a couple of things I’ve been wanting/lusting after.


Revlon Lip Butters in Gumdrop and Sugar Plum- Revlon had 30% off everything, which made these a little over $15, much more reasonably priced to buy more than one, so of course, I bought two! As I try to expand my colour selection of these little gems, I decided to get the two purple-ish shades. Read More »

Do you DIY?

Now, I am not the most creative person in the world. Put a paintbrush in my hand and the best you’re probably going to get is a daisy, a love heart and a smiley face. This comes from my mum who is even less inclined than I. But craft is something I really enjoy doing, and Pinterest has become a Mecca of inspiration for storage, cooking and decorating ideas, but the reason I joined was for the DIY jewellery inspiration. I walk past places like Diva, and even browsing ASOS and think to myself, I could SO make that. And as of late, I have been attempting to. Even more exciting is seeing designer jewellery that I know I can make at a fraction of the cost, but in multiple colours!

Making your own jewellery is not a cheap venture to begin with. Tools, glues, string/chain and the initial outlay of the beads can be expensive, but one you have the main items you need, you can start expanding your collection of pretty things that you can use to make beautiful pieces. I do suggest however, planning what you want to make in advance, so many times I have walked into a beading store not knowing what I wanted to make, and walked out with everything I thought was pretty. I’ve faced the fact I have little self control *suggestively looks to my make up collection* Read More »

NOTD Sweetheart Sparkle

WOW. I don’t think I have loved a manicure so much in such a long time. Bold statement? Yes. Unjustified? No. Just you wait and see!

As many of you would already know, Pinterest (you can visit mine here!) is a pretty much a Mecca for inspiration for anything you like. Beauty included. And I came across a manicure that tugged at my heartstrings. It was pink (tick!), It had sparkles (hello, bell-bird!). I was in love, and just had to re create it. Now instead of rambling like a love sick school girl I should just get on to the pictures. But I will apologise for the lighting in these photos in advance. If you like in Melbourne, you will know of the grey, gloomy weather we have been experiencing the last few days, ruining any chances of amazing, sparkly photos I had hoped to get, but I’m sure you will get the idea 😉

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Review: Rimmel Match Perfection Cream Gel Foundation + Beauty Blender Mini Review

Finding a foundation that matches you skin colour can be a nightmare. Hand testing, florescent lights and everything else that comes with trying to test foundations in store make it all that much harder. This is exactly why I’m sucked into claims that a foundation can work to your skin tone. This brought me to Rimmel’s Match Perfection Cream Gel Foundation. Its main claim is that it can adapt to your own skin tone and texture. When I saw these on display I thought there was no chance any of the shades would suit, they all look quite dark! Even the ivory shade looked darker than you would expect from something named ivory, but since I am not THAT pale, I thought this would be the right shade for me.



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St. Patrick’s Day Mani

With St. Patrick’s Day just passed us by, I thought I would share with you the mani I did do help celebrate a very ‘green’ day. I loved this so much, I almost didn’t want to take it off, but a little purchase arrived yesterday and I was dying to give something else a try.


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