Review: The Body Shop Body Sorbet

Before Christmas last year, I was given the opportunity to attend an event held by The Body Shop. Towards the end, we were talking to one of the ladies from the company about a few of their new products, and found out more about them. And they were kind enough to send us home with one of new Body Sorbets to try out! To say I was excited was an understatement. The Body Shop was a brand I had loved when I was younger, but as my horizons in the beauty world expanded, I found I was going there less. However The Body Shop have realised this, and that is exactly why they have been working on lots of new products (and dropped many of their prices!), this being one of them.



 First off, these smell AMAZING. Like, you could pour them into your mouth kind of good (if only!). I chose the strawberry scent to try originally, and ended up going in store to buy the mango as well. It’s kind of like I’m wearing a fruit salad, and it’s great. It’s taking much of my will power to no go and buy the satsuma orange scent as well.

The idea for this gel-like product is that it is supposed to provide hydration, as opposed to moisturisation. What does this mean? Well, a moisturising product is often oil based and creates a lipid barrier to prevent water loss, meaning you’re ‘locking in’ all the stuff in your skin. A hydrating product uses ingredients that facilitate hydration by drawing water into your skin. So you can often still have oily skin, and need hydration. For me? I need both. But sometimes, particularly in summer, it is just too hot and sticky for heavy products.

This is where something like this product is great. I’m a fan of gel like products at any given time, and I love this, but I’m unsure if everyone will feel the same. While it comes out of the tube like any other gel, as you rub it in, it almost feels extra watery. Which is great, since this is supposed to be adding that extra water to your skin, but it is a weird sensation. But personally, I think it works! I find it plumps up my skin a little, making the fine lines (mainly on the back of my hand) less noticeable. And I can feel a huge difference in the way my skin feels. It sinks into the skin in about 10 seconds, so you don’t have to sit around waiting for it dry. You can also leave it in the fridge for a extra hot day for a cooling treat for your skin. All of these things aside, I still think it’s worth going in and testing them out for yourself, just to make sure it’s for you.

Side note: they did mention it was great for cooling sunburn. While I agree to an extent, I suggest only using it on mild sunburn. If you have sunburn that leaves your skin a little raw, don’t use it on those areas. I think the fruit oils didn’t agree with it at all. But shame on me for having to test that theory in the first place! Also, the lady from the body shop did point out to us that this was designed to provide hydration, but on the back of the packaging it does say ‘a light and fruity body moisturiser.’ Just keep that in mind when looking at this product.

I really think everyone needs to give these a try, even just to see what the texture is like. But as for me? I’m loving these for the summertime, excuse me while I go and attempt to eat my arm because I smell so good…

You can purchase the Body Sorbets from The Body Shop online and in store for AU$19.95.


**Disclaimer: This product was originally provided for review, and in no way changed my opinion of it. However I did personally go out and buy another myself. If you require more information, please read my Disclosure Policy**