Mani Monday: Essie Come Here!

Confession: I have a lot of nail polish. And I don’t wear all of it. So my hope with Mani Mondays is to weave my way through my collection, documenting it along the way. The first one up for 2015 is a very summery red/coral. May I introduce you to, Essie’s ‘Come Here!’



This was SUCH a pain to try and photograph. Even in real life if gave me different shades all the time. So what I tried to capture, was the true brightness of this polish. It’s almost like it really does yell at your eyes ‘Come Here!’ Because sometimes, all you can do is stare at it. In the warmer (Read: indoor) lighting, it appeared a little more dull, but the good times make up for the bad, right?




This is almost the kind of coral/red I would pass over, because it leans a little too warm for my skin, and I still had some moments like that wearing it. But the more I wore it, the more I fell in love, and perfect for summer!