Review: The Body Shop Body Sorbet

Before Christmas last year, I was given the opportunity to attend an event held by The Body Shop. Towards the end, we were talking to one of the ladies from the company about a few of their new products, and found out more about them. And they were kind enough to send us home with one of new Body Sorbets to try out! To say I was excited was an understatement. The Body Shop was a brand I had loved when I was younger, but as my horizons in the beauty world expanded, I found I was going there less. However The Body Shop have realised this, and that is exactly why they have been working on lots of new products (and dropped many of their prices!), this being one of them.



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Mani Monday: China Glaze Turned Up Turquoise

So, last week I mentioned my love for the colour turquoise. It’s the colour of the wall in my current bedroom, and I even have a cover on my laptop in it. But surprisingly it’s not a common colour in my nail polish collection. I have a few, but I find it a little difficult to wear, so I’m a little picky when it comes to choosing them. I love China Glaze’s Turned Up Turquoise for its colour, but as you will see, it’s a little deceiving.



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Empties: 2014 Hair and Make Up

Here I am with part two of a round up of the empties I had towards the end of 2014. This includes hair and make up products. I know it’s not just me, but I always have a larger amount of make up empties when I clear out my mascaras. Otherwise it’s only one or two items, if I’m lucky!

Hair Prods


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Mani Monday: ORLY Pink Waterfall

It’s no secret I love pink. It was my number one love before turquoise joined my favourite colour club. But I can never, ever go past a pink nail polish. It is the most abundant colour or my nail polish collection! Today’s Mani Monday is showcasing of of my very favourite pinks, ORLY’s Pink Waterfall.


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Empties: 2014 Skincare And Body Products

I accumulated a fair amount of empties towards the end of 2014, and I need to start documenting them more. I actually really enjoy doing this, because I can go back and remind myself of the things I need to repurchase 😛 So since I have a bit of a backlog, I’m splitting up my first empties post for this year into two parts. And today’s will be skincare and body products, and next will be hair and make up. And disclaimer, this is over a pretty decent period of time, I don’y chance my skincare up THAT much!

Face Prods


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