Top 5: Dry Shampoos

If you’re like me, you’ve found the secret to not washing your hair every day. Dry shampoo. The first time I used it I was amazed at what it did for my hair. It was like the hair gods had delivered their saviour for the lazy time efficient. I love trying them out and want to share with you my five favourite dry shampoos!




Klorane Dry Shampoo

I would consider this my favourite ‘drugstore’ dry shampoo. The scent is lovely, it’s really effective and I have little issues with the powdery look. It is a little pricey considering it is not a salon brand, but I do really enjoy it, and have purchased it multiple times.

Available: Priceline for AU$12.99 (150ml)

SACHAJUAN Dark Volume Powder*

Trying this dry shampoo was my introduction to the SACHAJUAN brand. Finding dry shampoos that cater to brunettes is difficult, so when I find a brand that offers a dark hair alternative I have to try it, and I wasn’t disapponted! it smells great and provides a small amount of volume, but having a huge amount of hair means that it gets weighed down soon after, but as a dry shampoo, it makes my hair feel great for days! This is your perfect higher end dry shampoo that has a option for brunettes. Because less time spent doing your hair in the morning is more time spent in bed, right?! 😉

Available: Online or at selected SACHAJUAN stockists for AU$40 (200ml)

Batiste Dry Shampoo

This is your quintessential brand for dry shampoos, and the brand that almost everyone seems to know about. They cater to all kinds of hair. They have made one just for brunettes and redheads respectively, meaning that if you’re ever worried about the powdery look in your hair, they have you covered. My biggest gripe however, is the scents. I know many people who adore them (floral, tropical and cherry to name a few). I can’t find one I like enough to keep using, the brunette one luckily (being brunette) is okay. Which is frustrating for me because they work so well! Batiste also sell mini cans, perfect for your handbag or for travel.

Available: Priceline and selected pharmacies for AU$15.95 (400ml),AU$12.99 (200ml blonde/dark/red versions) AU$9.99 (200ml standard scents), AU$4.99 (50ml)

Kerastase Powder Bluff*

This is probably close to, if not my favourite dry shampoo. The scent, for me is amazing (you’ll notice I’m a BIG scent person when it comes to products). And as opposed to any of the other brands, it is a clear mist, so fine that you have little opportunity to overload your hair and look white. Being a high end salon brand, it’s expensive for a dry shampoo, but I can’t be without this. I will say that the scent of this one lingers substantially longer (read: all day) as opposed to others, so you really need to like the scent to be willing to use it. Also being Kerastase, it is pretty expensive, but I’ve also found this has lasted the longest per can.

Available: Selected Kerastase salons and stockists for AU$42 (200ml)

Evo Water Killer

 this is my newest addition to my dry shampoo family. I love evo as a brand and decided to take a chance on this. Out of all the brands it boasts the biggest packaging (300ml) and it is really effective. I’m not completely sold on the scent just yet. I don’t hate it, and over time it has grown on me, so I can see this as one I would buy again, particularly in a value for money sense.

Available: Selected salons and Adore Beauty for AU$29.95 (300ml)


I love dry shampoos so much, but these are most certainly my standouts. I’d love to hear what your favourite dry shampoo is!


Items marked with a * were provided for consideration, however this has not altered my opinion in any way. Please see my Disclosure Policy for more information.