Review: Clarins Double Serum Complete Age Concentrate

Confession time: I’m a terrible beauty blogger. My ability to stick to a skincare routine in the past is almost laughable. While I’m vigilant with cleansing my face and trying to remove my make up, and if I was lucky, a little moisturiser. But after that, much of it had fallen by the wayside. So much so, that when I won the Clarins Double Serum in a competition, I tried it a couple of times, and it sat in my drawer unloved for too long. Enter me working on a product decrease, because NEWSFLASH! Things don’t get used up or work at all if you don’t use them, people! (sarcasm, much?)

Well, clearly I didn’t know what I was missing out on at the time. This little bottle is great!


Clarins’ Double serum is a two part serum system. It contains an Hydric (water based) and Lipidic (Oil based) half that when you pump out, the two mix together. I apply it between a spray of toner and my night cream before I go to bed. I do wait a little for it to settle into the skin, as it doesn’t absorb straight away. P.S. It smells divine!


The oil and water pumped out together

Of the 20 plant extracts and ingredients it contains, a couple of them claim to have specific benefits:

Katafray extract and hyaluronic acid are to help moisturise  and soften the skin

Banana, thyme and bocoa: are to aid skin restoration and fight wrinkles

It also claims to reduce the appearance of pores, but I’m not aware if any particular product is attributed to that. The one ingredient that is high on it’s list that many may not like however, is mineral oil. Personally, I have found no issue with it and I suggest you read Michelle at Labmuffin’s posts on mineral oil and the reality of the claims against it. Part 1 Part 2

Anyway, the difference in my skin over the past 4 months of using this almost daily is incredible. The most noticeable being that I really did see a big reduction in wrinkles that were forming. Being in my mid 20’s, prevention is far better than a cure! As the weather gets colder and drier, this has definitely decreased the amount of dry areas, with only the most frustrating area (the crook in the side of my nose) being flaky. At first, I wasn’t sure I’d be able to comment on the appearance of my pores, because I didn’t think of them as particularly big. However, on closer inspection, I can see that they seem to be less noticeable. I’m not sure if that’s them changing in size or the appearance of my skin generally being smoother with this product.

I can now see why this was such a hyped up product last year. It has done wonders for my skin. And taught me to continue with my skincare routine 😉 At $90-$120, It is a pricey option, but for the results I have found, and how long the bottle will last (4 months of daily use and I’m only just half way) is worth the investment in your skin!

You can find the Clarins Double Serum at Myer AU$90 for 30ml or at Adore Beauty AU$120 (or on sale for AU$104.40 currently!) for 50ml.

Are you a lazy beauty lover like I have been?


*This product was won through a online competition, but that has not altered my opinion of the product. For more information, please see my Disclosure Policy*