Review: Maybelline Express (Nail Polish) Remover

Maybelline are my knight in polish free armour.

Somewhere in the vicinity of 2 years ago I discovered the beauty of nail polish remover tubs. Sally Hansen had brought one out and it was the answer to my prayers. But one day, it disappeared from the shelves, never to be seen again. To say I was heartbroken was an understatement. I used that tub until it was dry. In that time, other brands had brought out their own versions, but none had lived up to the original. Disintegrating sponges, or other, less effective removers among the problems.

Enter Maybelline’s Express Remover.



As soon as I saw this on the shelf, I bought it as fast as I could. If you are new to the concept, these kind of removers consist of a tub of nail polish remover, with a sponge that has a hole in the middle.


Put your finger in, stir, remove, repeat. Looks weird, works like a charm. As for Maybelline’s version. It’s amazing. Considering it is acetone free, it is phenomenal at not only removing normal polishes, but textured as well. The removal of an OPI Liquid sand takes less than one minute of dipping n’ spinning. The sponge is sturdy enough to take a bit of force, helping scrub glitter away with greater ease. You can obviously only remove polish one finger at a time (vs the foil method). But for a mess free, quick and so very easy removal, it is 100% worth it.┬áThe only thing I don’t enjoy is the slightly sticky feeling that is left on your fingers after using it, but one wash and it’s gone.

Seriously, nail polish junkies need this in their life. You won’t regret it.

You can purchase the Maybelline Express Remover from Priceline for AU$9.95.

Have you tried these kind of nail polish removers before?


  • Chels @ COABA

    I’ve never tried these before. Not sure how I feel about dipping my whole finger in nail polish remover, but if it’s acetone free that’s probably a winner, right?!

    • MissRachii

      Exactly :) It hasn’t weakened my nails, and its so fast, that your finger isn’t in there too long anyway :)

  • Mandy Webber

    Wow! I have never tried these before. The thing I hate most about nail polish is the removal part so this will definitely help. I will be keeping an eye out for them.

    • MissRachii

      Removal is 100% the worst! I’m hoping this stays in their range!

  • Brodie White

    I’ve seen these around a few times but I’ve never bought one uncertain if they’d work! Definitely on my list of things to buy now!

    • MissRachii

      Definitely add it, I’m really impressed with it vs. its price.