DonateLife Week 2014

Today I’m going to share with you probably one of my most personal stories. But please read to the end, because there is a very important message.

High school and year 12 is certainly one of those years that has its highs and lows. But for myself, my friends, and my entire year level, we had no idea how extreme this could be.

Early in my VCE, two friends and myself had birthdays all within a few weeks of each other, so we decided to share one big birthday night. We planned everything. The invites, the food, the music. We wanted everything to be perfect. And for the night it was. We had a few to many drinks, we sang and danced and acted like any other teenagers would. But the one thing from the night I remember was running into the house to get my camera, because my friend’s parent said we needed photos of the night. So I ran person to person, group to group, taking photos of as many people as I could (but none of me, I hated photos, and ‘selfies’ weren’t even thought of then :P). One of those photos was the most important of them all.


Not the photo mentioned, but my last photo with Courtney, on her birthday.

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Review: Maybelline Express (Nail Polish) Remover

Maybelline are my knight in polish free armour.

Somewhere in the vicinity of 2 years ago I discovered the beauty of nail polish remover tubs. Sally Hansen had brought one out and it was the answer to my prayers. But one day, it disappeared from the shelves, never to be seen again. To say I was heartbroken was an understatement. I used that tub until it was dry. In that time, other brands had brought out their own versions, but none had lived up to the original. Disintegrating sponges, or other, less effective removers among the problems.

Enter Maybelline’s Express Remover.



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