Top 5: Neon Nail Polishes

With summer finally hitting Melbourne, I thought it was the perfect time to start this series of ‘Top 5’ things I love. And what better way to get into the summer spirit than with my top 5 neon nail polishes!

All of these babies are retina burning, *really* neon polishes. And I LOVE THEM. Neon nails are one of my favourite styles, even though winter. But during summer, I love to embrace the brightness. As you can probably tell, of the five I have picked, two brands pop up twice. I have found that when a brand nails a neon formula, you can almost pick any colour and they will be great!



First up is Hello Darling’s ‘Edge of Glory.’ A stunningly bight green. I haven’t really come across many neon green polishes, but I really enjoy that this doesn’t take the typical ‘highlighter’ shade route. It is certainly unique in my collection and the reason it is in my top five.


China Glaze’s ‘Pool Party’ is my pink neon of choice. And one of my favourite toe shades to wear. It does dry slightly matte (as many China Glaze neons do), but a swipe of top coat and you’ll be set. Picking a pink was probably the hardest to do, as bright pinks feature quite highly in my collection, but this baby has my heart.


Now this is one shade I love for its colour as opposed to its formula. Pop Beauty ‘Mandarin’ is probably the one in my top five that will get the most out of a white base coat. It’s a fairly thin consistency, but it’s worth it for the eye-searing result this gives.


Now, as you can see from the bottle, this is well loved. China Glaze’s ‘Flip Flop Fantasy’ is by far my favourite neon. The coral toned pink is stunning, and I highly suggest any nail polish junkie to add this to their collection if they don’t own it already. Seriously, this is the only nail polish I have ever considered buying a back up of. It is pure unadulterated love in a bottle.


If you love your neons, then having a ‘I could use these as torches because they are so bright’ kind of yellow is a necessity. Hello Darling’s ‘Call Me Maybe’ is the most flourescent, pigmented yellow I have come across. It’s so bright you can barely see the label! And to still get the intensity without having to use a white base (hooray for less steps!) makes it a winner for me.


It was a little tough to have to pick only five, but here they are! I would love to hear your favourite neon nail polish suggestions, because I adore bright nails.Let’s make them claws shine! 😉