Review: Bioderma Crealine (Sensibio) H2O

Now, I’m sure for many of you this product is nothing new. You have probably seen it left, right and centre and many a beauty blogger scramble to find this and try it out. Although it appears as a cult product, I do know people who don’t feel its status is warranted. But today, I want to put my two cents in!



First of all, Bioderma is a micellar water. Rather than trying to explain it myself, go visit Michelle at Lab Muffin for an in depth and well explained post as to the ins and outs of how this works. Trust me, you’ll feel like an expert after reading it.

This particular product is aimed at people with dry and sensitive skin, but they also have a version for oily skin. It claims to remove water resistant make up and act as a decongestant for your skin while still being soothing.

For me, it does all that and then a bit more. There is no discernible scent, and the bottle is easy to dispense from.  It is amazing how much a little of this on a cotton pad takes off AFTER I have already used face wipes. My skin does not feel tight after using it, but they do suggest you dry your face to get rid of the excess afterwards. It isn’t irritating to my sensitive skin but I will warn, if your cotton pad is soaked too much when you are removing your eye make up, it can sting. But in reality, using less doesn’t make it more difficult to remove anything. The only thing is I probably go through an average of 2 cotton pads per removal, depending on the amount of make up I have been wearing.

If you are DIY hair dyer like I have been in the past, and you also hate  using moisturiser or Vaseline to protect your hair line; you will love my finding. IT REMOVES HAIR DYE FROM YOUR SKIN! With a few swipes, my chocolate red brown dyed skin was safely back to normal and I could happily leave the house without looking like a bad paint job.

Now I highly suggest I you can, get a sample of this, as it really is a love it or hate it product for many. Also, pick the one that will suit your skin type. As for mine, the bottle says ‘Crealline,’ but it can also be marked ‘Sensibio,’ depending on where you purchase it from.

This has limited in store stockists, but I do believe Priceline may be stocking this soon. You can also purchase this from Adore Beauty at AU$29.95 for the 250ml and AU$39.95 for the 500ml. And they have free shipping, who doesn’t love that?!

Have you tried micellar water? Let me know your thoughts!