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We are on the back end of another month, and every time I read something happened *insert time period here* ago, I cant believe time is going so fast. So make sure you are all enjoying every minute! Here’s a few things that have been going on with me lately.


  • I’m now officially obsessed with Tupperware. A friend of mine is now a demonstrator and after having my own party, have awesome vouchers to spend. My food is almost as excited as I am! P.S. I now own a pink single cupcake carrier, don’t be jealous.
  • It was my sister’s 16th birthday this week. Seriously, where has the time gone?! She’s taller then me! *sobs* We haven’t had the easiest time lately but she’s mine and I wouldn’t change her for the world. Even if now she’s the one that get to call me shorty.
  • I am saddened to discover that the funniest video I saw this week was deleted. Thank you to Kimberley for filling my week with hilarity, even if I can no longer see it.

  • The wind in Melbourne this week has a tad full on. If I end up in OZ, send help, preferably not in the way of bears, tin men or scarecrows.
  • And on the subject of weather, I can feel the spring trying to break through. The bonus being it’s not dark at 5:30pm! I love winter for all the warm clothes and nights curled up under my doona, but I do love seeing a bit of sun.
  • My foray into sewing has been quite successful. So far I’ve made two make up bags and a make up brush roll. Still learning the ropes trying to get things even and straight, but I’m happy with my attempts!
  • After finishing 30 Rock, Parks & Recreation is the next show I will be watching. After the pilot episode, it’s safe to say I’m interested.
  • September is looking like a crazy busy but awesome month! I am very much looking forward to IMATS, and seeing some lovely faces again, as well as some new ones!!


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Have a wonderful week!