Antipodean Beauties: My Favourite Lipstick

Welcome to what will be a new weekly themed post to my blog. Coined by Omega at Fashion Adjacent, this is a weekly make up challenge for Aussie and Kiwi beauty bloggers. Each week we will have a different theme to write about and at the end of each post, there will be a link to all the posts of other participating bloggers so you can check them out as well! I’m really excited for this as I love seeing different interpretations of a single topic by a diverse group of people, it also becomes quite inspiring as you may see someone post something you would never have thought of. Any-who…on to this week’s challenge!



So for week one I am going to show you my favourite lipstick. My collection isn’t huge, but I tend to lean towards similar colour groups, so this was actually harder than I first thought! It took the lovely Chelsea to point out that your most worn may not necessarily be your favourite. And this was completely true for me. While this lipstick isn’t necessarily one I wear often, it is certainly one I love to wear, and fall in love all over again each time I do. Also, this was my first foray into this brand’s brightly coloured lipsticks, and one I was actually lucky enough to win!

I present to you, MAC Impassioned.

MAC Impassioned


This neon-like pink is so gorgeous, and in some lights, gives off a hint of coral. This in one of very few warm toned lipsticks I own as I feel many don’t work on me, but this just has a little ‘je ne sais quoi’ about it. Yep, I’m getting all fancy with my words I like it so much.

MAC Impassioned Swatch

This lipstick is an Amplified, and the colour is ridiculously opaque and very creamy, but fairly matte, so try and keep your lips flake free before using this baby! I find this has little transfer when dry and lasts a VERY long time. I have a lot of feelings about this lipstick.

MAC Impassioned Lip Swatch

Seriously, the more I write about this, the more it cements itself as my favourite. So before I turn into a weirdo that raves too long about one lipstick, I shall stop. But, if you have the chance, give this little one a go, I hope you love it just as much as I do.

I hope to see you all again for next week’s challenge and don’t forget to check out the favourites of all the other bloggers in the Linky Link below!  I’m sure my wish list will be a little longer by the end of the week…


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  • Stephanie Kessler

    Gotta love Impassioned! I think it would be my second favourite…

    • MissRachii

      haha I saw it in your monthly favourites post too 😛 It seems to be very popular!

  • Anita – Pink Dynamite

    I need this lipstick in my life! It’s never in stock when I go to buy it from MAC though :(

    • MissRachii

      Oh boo! Hope fully the MAC stars will align for you to have this very soon, i think it would look awesome on you!

  • Omega

    You know I was thinking how strange it was that no one had named a MAC lipstick because they’re so legendary.. this is a beauty! :)

    • MissRachii

      It was certainly a tough choice! I think my next pick may have been a MAC too, but this one is too bright to deny its awesome-ness 😀

  • Norlin Mustapha

    I’ve only got ONE MAC lipstick and I don’t even know what the name is! That colour is gorgeous though, not surprised that it’s your fave lipstick. I have yet to choose mine. It’s hard. It’s like telling me to choose my favourite child!!

    • MissRachii

      I KNOW RIGHT?! I was looking going, ‘oh it could be you, but no! You’re so pretty too!’ ahaha

  • Chels @ COABA

    I don’t own this colour but have seen so many blog about it… it really is a beautiful colour. x

  • Ina J

    Love this colour! I have never seen this colour in my local MAC store though. Might have to go have a look again.

    • MissRachii

      Definitely do! It’s such a lovely colour and I don’t really have anything else like it :)

  • jasminecara

    I haven’t got this shade but it looks so nice! xx

    • MissRachii

      It is a stunning colour, so different to all my other pinks!

  • Jenny W

    Love it!

    • MissRachii

      It is such a pretty shade :)