Review + Swatches: Rimmel Apocalips Lip Lacquers

Apologies for the  unannounced hiatus, life really took precedent in the last week and a bit. But I’m back to chat about a *very* well talked about product recently. The Rimmel Apocalips Lip Lacquers are a pretty popular blogging topic at the moment, so I’m here to give a few thoughts and swatches after giving them a test run 🙂




When these were first released in the UK, I was green with envy and ridiculously impatient. So much so I was a little cheeky and bought a few shades off ASOS. But I was lucky enough to be able to try out the rest of the range too, yay for a lip colour rainbow! Also, my OCD senses tingled a little bit having them all to line up 😉

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Berry Rush

During winter, my favourite go to shade for almost anything seems to be a berry red. Since I have a deep seeded love for the colour pink, this shade still gives me all that pink goodness, but looks much more winter like. I have put together I number of my favourite berry coloured items today.


Products marked with * were provided for consideration


Zoya Nail Polish in Reagan- In the photo, this looks quite pink, but when applied it is the most gorgeous bright berry. It was love the moment I applied it to my nails. And even though it came in a summer collection, i think it still works as a winter one too!

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Room Renovation Reveal

Well with that title, I kind of feel like I’m on The Block! But with a much smaller budget and much bigger time frame. But rather than a ‘Thoughts in the life…’ post, I’m going to give you an overview of what has been taking over my life for a decent chunk of the year.

If you want a little back story to how and why this got started, you can read an earlier post here. And to be honest, it was a lot smoother sailing beyond that point. I picked my feature wall colour, carpet got installed, and new furniture came in. It still isn’t 100% finished (read: I just need to replace the door) but I have been enlisted by my parents to start the rest of the house, so that will be easily fixed at a later time. And everything in my room is how I want it minus a couple of furniture items I’ll purchase when I can budget them in. But I have to say I LOVE how my room has turned out. It is so much more fitting and even though it is a small space (certainly not designed for a queen bed!) I have made it work. Below is a little collage of the final look of the room.


my feature wall choice/freshly painted wall!/the day my carpet went in

the puppies enjoying the new carpet/new furniture/new bed frame and doona cover

painting my chest of drawers/my pretty drawer handles/my light fitting

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June Empties!

Apologies for the lack of empties posts lately! Last month was such a debacle (how I had such an issue is beyond me! Call me picky with photos…), I had to can it. But luckily this month I have a good list for you, and I promise that I checked the photos were decent BEFORE I threw the packaging out 😉


Muk Deep Muk Ultra Soft Leave in Conditioner- I love this stuff, along with the rest of the range, so just know this is awesome. Would repurchase if I didn’t have leave in conditioners coming out of my wazoo.

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