Thoughts in the life of…

I haven’t done one of these for a few weeks and I actually miss it! So prepare yourself for a little randomness from the depths of my mind…

  • I love my shiny new car. But it was a weird day to leave my old one at the dealer after 7 years!
  • I am obsessed with this song. I have the play count on my iTunes to prove it.
  • My sort of new ‘procrastination central’ site is Buzzfeed. Funny, occasionally insightful and often has pictures of very attractive men, it could be a boyfriend.

  • I recently took up knitting. I tried to do much too soon and spent an entire evening knitting about 3 -10 rows and then stuffing up. After finally simplifying it, I am almost finished my first scarf. But now every time I walk into Lincraft and Spotlight, I have a new section that I want to buy things from. As if the rest of the store wasn’t enough.
  • That moment where your bestie come home after 6 weeks away and you forget all the things you wanted to tell her? Yeah, that.
  • I’m officially obsessed with Peter Alexander Pyjama bottoms. And seriously, working there could be the place of dreams (pun not intended). Working in your PJ’s, don’t pretend you wouldn’t love it.
  • Also, this is the last day of Google Reader, go read here for how to follow Beauty Behind the Imperfections going into July!

Photo in the life of…


Have a spectacular week!