Review: Fudge Violet Shampoo

Going from brunette to blonde is certainly no easy task. My hair has copped a beating over the last few months, and my hair turns orange much like a bad fake tan, so keeping that at bay is a huge priority for me.

As a little bit of a reference I this is what my hair was like before.


And this is what I have now.



So, as you can see, there is a decent amount of bleaching going on up in there. And since there was so much colour build up from being dark for so long, the tendency for my hair to turn orange is very high.

But I have found a holy grail product in Fudge’s Violet Shampoo.



If you aren’t familiar with what a violet shampoo is for, it helps remove orange and brassy tones from your hair. And really, I will not use anything else in the foreseeable future. This is amazing at ridding my hair of those nasty looking shades, leaving a much nicer, and cooler looking blonde. But beware, more porous sections of my hair do turn a tinge of purple if left on a little too long, but it does fade and isn’t noticeable enough to worry me. But this shampoo packs some serious tint.


And I *did* have a slightly purple stained finger after taking this photo.

I do find it leaves the areas around my cuticles a little purple, but by the time I’ve finished the rest of my shower duties, it has washed most of it away. But for me, these little things are what makes it an awesome violet shampoo, and I’m willing to put up with them for the sake of results I haven’t found with any other brand. I do suggest using a good conditioner after, as I don’t find it terribly hydrating. Hair products are not something I am often loyal to, but this is a staple in my shower while I’m blonde.

For the blondes out there, what’s your product of choice to keep brassiness at bay?