Goodbye Google Reader! Hello…Options!?

Well as the 1st of July creeps closer, there is not a lot of time left for Google Reader. I’m personally really sad it’s leaving, but alas, I have found other options I’m learning to love. Below I’m going to list a few of the options I have found, and how you may want to follow Beauty Behind the Imperfections P.G.R. (Post Google Reader).


This is probably the most popular in the blogging circles. The feed is really clean and flows nicely. Searching for a blog you want to follow is as easy as searching their blog’s name or URL in the search bar. You can also sort your blogs into categories. Alternately, you can import your Google Reader feed, and for a awesomely detailed how-to of backing up your feed to use on other reader formats see Tine’s post at

My Bloglovin feed
My Bloglovin feed[/caption]

And I do like that when you click on a post, it takes you to the blog’s actual page, and a Bloglovin bar sits at the top and you can navigate your unread posts from there (I like appreciating other blogger’s layouts!). Also, on the far right of that bar, are the share options, so you can share to social media.

Apparently I have some reading to do!

Apparently I have some reading to do!

Bloglovin have also just recently updated their app to be tablet compatible (which was why I avoided using this a lot before) but now that it works in my iPad, I may give it another shot! (Unsure about Android compatibility though).

**As a side note, I have a lot of followers that still follow my old Bloglovin feed from my blogspot, please follow my blog feed here for the most recent updates!**


This has been my main choice of feed since leaving Google reader, mainly because of its very close resemblance to the layout of Google Reader. Feedly runs really nicely with Google Chrome, and has the option of having an add on that allows you to click directly to the blogs feed on Feedly (bottom right of the screen). Otherwise, you can add a blog’s feed by entering the blog’s URL with /feed on the end under the ‘add content’ option. For here, copy and paste!

My Feedly feed

You have multiple viewing options, and if there are times where you just want to continually scroll, you can read posts in full one after another. I found this really helpful on my iPad, and was the main reason I have kept with this option for a month or so now. You once again can sort your blogs into categories. For now it is probably still my favourite way to keep up to date with my blog reading.

These are my two main choices but there are SO many more options out there, let me know your favourites, and if you are having trouble following me, Facebook, Tweet, comment or email me and I’ll try and help you out! I’ll list them all below just so they are all in one place!