Thoughts in the life of…

I have had one of the busiest weekends I’ve had in a while but making sure this still goes up on time. I love reading back at all the random thoughts that occur to me when I write these ūüėõ

  • Had a night out with some fellow blogging ladies Friday night, drinks and fun were had!
  • I love baby showers. Even more buying presents for them. ALL THE SMALL CLOTHES!
  • Carpet being installed this week, I can see the light of the renovation tunnel. Then it closes again as I move onto the rest of the house.

  • Finally caught up on the end of How I Met Your Mother for this season. Really? That’s ALL you show?! But really, I shouldn’t expect them to give anything away, they never do.
  • Said goodbye to my BFF for 6 weeks as she travels Fiji and Europe. So¬†incredibly¬†jealous and I miss her a bunch, but more pressing, who will go antique shopping with me?!
  • The¬†realisation¬†I need to cut a decent amount of hair off to rid myself of the ratty ends scares me. Trying to pin pictures of short(er) hair to convince myself I could get through it.
  • And this.

I don’t know the original source. If it’s you, I like you. You can tell me.



Photo in the life of…

Not from this week, but consider it a throwback Sunday.


Have a wonderful week!