Thoughts in the life of…

Almost half way through May already?! I know it’s cliche, but some months certainly go quicker than others, and this one is flying!

  • I have to wish all the mums out there a wonderful mother’s day, and sending my mum some extra special love. She’s a funny one and I’m certainly thankful she’s in my life.
  • Melbourne enjoyed some unseasonably warm weather this week. It was the perfect mix of warm and cool. But if this afternoon was anything to go by, we are in for a pretty chilly week. I think I need to pull my warmer scarves out!
  • Jessica mentioned this in her Thoughts of the Week post, but it bears posting here as well. If you watch anything this week, it has to be this. It is 10 kinds of funny and I had to tell everyone about it.

  • I made a smoothie with a bunch of semi random fruits this week. I need to do it more often. The blender and I need to take the next step in our relationship.
  • The boy and I have really been getting into 30 Rock, and are almost at the end of season one. Six years too late but better late than never, right?
  • Since building my Ikea ‘Alex’ drawers, my nail polish has a new home. And I plan to use this tutorial I found on Pinterest to help me find the colours I want  in my drawers. Organisation excitement ensues.


Photo in the life of…


Have a wonderful week!