Why I gave up subscription boxes…

This point in the month would usually be where my reviews of subscription boxes would be posted, but this post is a little bit different. For a while, Australia longed for the subscription boxes both our US and UK counterparts had. Then, all of a sudden, BAM! We were inundated with choices. For a while I was subscribed to all of them, but now I am comfortable not being subscribed to any.


If you go back about a year and a half ago, so many companies wanted to give us sample boxes. The premise is awesome, and when executed correctly, is just that. But sadly, I feel like I have outgrown them a little. They start at $15 a month, which if you have the disposable income to do so, is not too much to outlay considering their value most of the time. And knowing you have a little box of goodies coming to you every month is pretty great.

Sadly, some companies couldn’t meet demand. Providing value for money is obviously difficult in these circumstances, particularly when there is the need for companies to essentially provide samples for free (which they do at counters anyway), or occasionally include full size products. With that, numerous services merged or just closed down. That originally made my choice to cut down easier.

Then, sadly the two I was left with started disappointing me. Whether it was lack of value, inconsistency in boxes subscribers were getting or just receiving things I wasn’t excited about, they lost their appeal and I started to become envious of what other received, and even angry that I felt like I was being jibbed. And all over something that was only $15? It seemed a little silly to me. Also, with samples coming out of my ears, I just felt like I wasn’t using the service for the reasons I signed up. I wanted to try new products yes, but I’m now more inclined to do the research and buy something knowing it was what I really wanted.

But it all comes down to these couple of points. I’d rather feel a twinge of envy that people got something good in their boxes when I’m not receiving one at all, than be upset because I paid for one and *still* missed out on that item. And ultimately, if I want that product THAT much, that $15 can go towards it, or like I said, I can do my research and find something I really want.

But I will say this. I still think these are an awesome idea and if you’re new to the beauty world, these are perfect and a great little monthly present to yourself. But sadly, they are no longer for me, well at least for now. Who knows what could be launched in the future that might entice me 😉

Why or why aren’t you subscribed to beauty subscription boxes?