Priceline Haul

I’m not one to shy away from a good sale, and 40% off all cosmetics at Priceline is just that. It is still on tomorrow (the 24th of April) so definitely go if you have been lusting after anything! Lets get into what I picked up :)

Face Products


I got the Rimmel Perfect Match foundation since I loved the gel version so much, as well as the radiant rose highlighter. I also picked up the Revlon BB Cream, after hearing good things about it.

Lip Products


Once again, I chose a few products with a bit of hype, Australis’ Pout Paste in Pash Me Pink and one of their new Longwear Lipsticks in Diva. Finally, I got a L’Oreal Shine Caresse in Lolita.

And that’s it! A decent little haul for me but some decent savings were had!

Did you get anything in the sale?


  • Miss Dustyn Rumble

    Um yes, I got all the things in the sale. My bad, I had no idea I was meant to leave some for other people? XD
    Youtubed them cause I was so stoked with my savings. Lurve your choices!! The packaging of the new Australis lippy reminds me of the Benefit fake up concealer packaging. I have since realised I didn’t grab the Perfect Match foundy like I was hoping I’d remember to do! Ah well. Lurve Lolita… I stupidly got a SECOND Romy. Looks like my BF gets the spare haha :-) did you get the Beauty Bag too?

    • MissRachii

      Haha yes, so many things, restraint was difficult! I forgot I wanted to get the Borjouis Healthy Mix foundation too, and I *think* I may have doubled up on Lolita, but the majority of my make up is packed away at the moment! I got the bag, left this as this stuff I got though 😉

  • Emma Bovary

    You chose some pretty awesome products, nice work! I bought a bunch of polishes as it was so busy in the store and I wanted to get out!

    • MissRachii

      Yeah it was mayhem! I haven’t seen my local Priceline that busy ever!