My Birthday Wishlist

Well since this year keeps going by faster, it s already one week from today until my birthday (the 10th of March for those of you playing at home). So I’m calling out the the birthday fairies to bring me some of these pretties when I wake up on Sunday morning! Well…a girl can dream right?!


This black peplum dress from Forever New caught my eye instantly, because lets face it, peplum hides all your jiggly bits so you can look fab in all your birthday photos. Win-win.

This Roberto Cavalli perfume has been on my radar for some time but it has only been recently I have tried it on, and I love the way this smells on me. I’m probably not as vocal for my love of this perfume compared to others, but you really can’t go past one that smells good on you.

Rebecca Minkoff bags have been heavily done, but I still love the way they look, and there are so many colour options and they even come in different sizes. I also think its is a little more reasonably priced than other designer bags (I can hear my boyfriend chocking on that last sentence already).

The entire collection of the new YSL Rouge Volupte Shine lipsticks has we wanting almost all of them SO hard. I can’t deal with how pretty they are.

I’m in love with this Tiffany and Co. bow necklace, because who wouldn’t want to see that little blue box on their birthday? 😉

And finally, since I am the only person in my household that doesn’t own a tablet, the iPad makes the cut on my wishlist. The amount of envy that courses through my veins watching them use (and LOVE) them, I might as well be bright green.

So that’s my list. So if any of these turn up on my pillow, you can totally be my BFF, I’ll even bake you cookies.