Lip Love: L’Oreal Paris Infallible Le Rouge Lipstick in Forever Fuchsia

So, I have an affinity for buying bright lipsticks. They catch my eye and I can rarely say no. The L’Oreal Paris Infallible Le Rouge lipstick in ‘Forever Fuchsia’ has been my most recent purchase and love.


It is the most amazing deep fuchsia colour, that on closer inspection, actually has a blue shimmer running through it. Although, you can’t actually see it when it’s on your lips. This is the perfect colour if you want to go for a rich shade, but don’t want to go quite into red territory.

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Illamasqua I’mperfection Collection: Blusher Duo + Liquid Eyeliner

If you can’t tell by the name of my blog, I’m not one for being perfect. I misspell words*, I trip over air and I certainly do not have perfect skin. But to me, that’s the beauty of people. We are all different, and that should be embraced. Well, with Illamasqua’s new collection I’mperfection (see what they did there?!), they do just that. They want to see your freckles, scars and beauty marks, in all their glory. Yep, scary right? Well it doesn’t have to be 😉 There’s no need to hide behind make up, use it to show yourself off! I implore you to check out the behind the scenes video of this collection and see what the leaders of this company say about imperfection and beauty, it really is lovely to see. And check out these gorgeous photos from the campaign. Every single person is beautiful, no matter their imperfections.

Frankie - pearls and nails CMYK LOGO

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Tag: Why do I wear make up?

This little tag post comes to you thanks to Sophie at Don’t Stop Buying. And hopefully you will learn a little more about me and love of make up! And sorry for the lack of posts recently (which includes no February empties!), but I shall show you why in a upcoming post 😉

1. When did you begin loving make up?

When I was much younger, I really loved make up. I loved going through my mum’s stash and having a little play, and even had quite a stash of nail polishes myself. In my very early in my teens I went through a phase thinking I was ‘over it’ and even threw out my nail polishes and vowed I would only every use lipgloss, never lipstick! But as I reached the back end of high school I started looking more into what I could actually do with make up. Then I found Youtube and beauty blogs, from there I haven’t really looked back.

2. How do you feel without make up?

While I love wearing make up, being without it doesn’t phase me. I think make up should be there to enhance your features, not hide them, and being comfortable in your own skin (literally!) really helps you appreciate make up when you wear it. We all have bad days with dark circles and breakouts, but those are the days where make up is your best friend 😉

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My Birthday Wishlist

Well since this year keeps going by faster, it s already one week from today until my birthday (the 10th of March for those of you playing at home). So I’m calling out the the birthday fairies to bring me some of these pretties when I wake up on Sunday morning! Well…a girl can dream right?!


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