Review: Klorane Dry Shampoo

Let’s face it. We all like to make the days between washing our hair as long as we can. All the washing, conditioning, blow drying and extra styling are a huge pain in the rear end when you could totally spend that hour 15 minutes in bed. Enter dry shampoo. Ever since discovering this life saving (yeah, it’s that dramatic) invention, I can’t be without a bottle.


I received the Klorane dry shampoo sample in my Bellabox. It wasn’t long before I fell for it, and ended up buying it full size. The scent is very fresh and clean, which compared to other brands with scented options, I prefer. It also does a great job at making my hair feel clean again. I don’t have oily hair, so this can extend my wash an extra two days (when I haven’t worked out).

I feel that the white cast is more obvious than others I have used, so there is more effort to make sure it it properly brushed through. Also, I seem to use this product up a lot quicker than other brands I’ve tried. I don’t know if these problems go hand in hand (maybe it is dispensing more product than other cans), but I do like this enough to work through that.

Do you have a favourite dry shampoo?