Review: Bumble and Bumble Quenching Masque

If you follow me on twitter, you are probably aware this wont be a glowing review to follow. I toyed with the idea of actually writing this post, and after little results of others appeared from a Google search and Make Up Alley and with the encouragement of fellow Twitter lovelies , I decided to go ahead. The other reason I’m writing about this, is because here in Australia, this brand is not cheap. I splashed out for this masque ($59 for 150mL) in the hopes that such a popular brand overall would exceed my high hopes.

I will preface this by saying I doubt this will stop me from trying other things from this brand (I liked a sample of Creme De Coco, and I have been wanting to try their hairspray for years), but I will be much more meticulous at choosing my products from them. Anyway, on to the review.


Lets start with the good! I like the packaging- the tube makes it really easy to squeeze every last bit out of the product out. Pliable and shower friendly. The smell is also really nice, quite fresh and in no way an overpowering scent. That also meant it didn’t linger in my hair once it was washed out.

But as a hair mask, it did absolutely nothing for me. While it did improve the dryness of my hair some what, it was no better than any standard conditioner. And for something that supposed to be a mask, that is a let down for me. Someone on twitter suggested to me that I should use my regular conditioner before using the mask. And it actually suggests to do so on the bottle (well it suggests a Bumble and Bumble product, but I’m a rebel like that). So I did try that and it made a fair improvement on the result. However, I have used many hair masks in the past, and not needed to do this. So really, it just leaves me more disappointed.

But ultimately this comes down to a value thing for me. Like I mentioned, this comes in at a pricey choice of $59 for 150mL. For someone with longer hair (and consequently needing to use a bit more product each use), I don’t think this is value for money. Also, using two products when I get can get the same result using one just seems redundant to me.

Have you tried this and had better results?
What is your most expensive let down?