Recipe and Review: Smooze Fruit Ice

As we finally start to get some warmer weather (Melbourne, you are a fickle being), everyone reaches for things to cool them down. And If you are like me, icy poles and frozen drinks are pretty high on the list of things to eat and drink. As much as I love these, they are often so full of sugar my teeth hurt just thinking about them. So I am really glad to have found a healthier alternative that works as both an icy treat and a drink mixer!

Presenting, Smooze Fruit Ices!


Now these little sachet looking things are filled with coconut, along with another fruit. They currently come in four flavours: coconut, coconut and pineapple, coconut and mango and coconut and pink guava.

My personal favourite to eat straight are the mango and pineapple flavours. I was sceptical about liking these, as the last time I tried  coconut milk the reaction my face made wasn’t pretty. But these taste like they have poured the inside of a coconut straight in and frozen it with another fruit! SO GOOD. Even better, they make fantastic drink mixers, and I’ll share one of my favourite recipes here 🙂

Summer Fruit Mocktail

Smooze Fruit Ice in Pineapple or Mango (or Pink Guava, but I prefer the other two)
1/2 cup of ice blocks
1 shot of sugar syrup (brown sugar mixed with water to create a syrup consistency)
1 splash of orange juice (or enough to make the consistency you like)
2 passionfruit

1. Mix all ingredients except the passionfruit in the blender on high until combined.
2. Add passionfruit and blend on low to preserve the seeds
3. Pour into a glass of choice and enjoy 🙂

When making these, I did notice that the Smooze did blend a little better slightly thawed, as straight out of the freezer, it took longer to blend, as the chunk bounced around the blender for a bit.
Also, the original recipe didn’t contain orange juice, but I found that it created more of a smoothie texture with some juice.

This was by far my favourite way to use these, the mixture of all the summery fruits was amazing, and approved by everyone in my house 😉 The options are endless though, you could really add anything you like to the mixture! Personally, I couldn’t eat the coconut flavour straight, but I think it is PERFECT to make a summery pina colada (virgin or not, completely up to you) 😉

Nutritionally, these are dairy, gluten and cholesterol free and the nutrition panels can speak for themselves. The highest included ingredients are the coconut and fruits, with little else added. For those concerned, there is sugar in these, but most of it will come from the fruit (in puree or pure juice form), with raw cane sugar added to three of the four flavours in preference to using fruit concentrates. These concentrates can often increase the sugar level unnecessarily. While this is not an ideal sugar source (eating fruit directly for the fibre is better), it is a much better option if you want to reach for a sweet treat that will keep you cool! 🙂

Personally I would love to see even more flavours come out, even some non coconut ones would be fantastic!

If you would like more information about these pockets of yumminess, please visit some of the links below.
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Have you tried these before? Share your favourite way to use them below!


*These were kindly provided to me for consideration, but in no way affects my opinion on these products*