Review: Lush ‘Big’ Shampoo

If you have seen my previous posts, I have a little obsession with Lush to say the least. It hurts my soul to not have a bath to use all the bath bombs and melts, so instead I buy everything else in sight. I had never delved into their hair care, but after Chelsea raved about the ‘Big’ Shampoo on twitter, I had no choice but to get it.


It is safe to say that this product has changed my hair washing life. I have never used a clarifying shampoo before, and have no idea why I put it off! There’s no other way to describe my hair after using this except, clean. And it smells incredible. It contains seaweed, lime juice, coconut oil, neroli oil and mandarin oil, all to add softness and shine. After my hair has dried, it certainly felt softer and shiner, and lacked all the frizziness I sometimes get from certain shampoos. As you can see from the ingredients list below, it still contains sodium laureth sulfate, which some people will not like, as it can be irritating. I don’t have this issue luckily, because I love this shampoo so much.


My only issue with this shampoo is the giant salt grains that reside in it. Being approximately 50% sea salt, I’m paranoid that one will stay stuck in my hair. But spending a little longer rinsing is worth the amazing feeling this shampoo gives. And it makes the resultant feeling post conditioner even better than before.


At $24.95 for 330g, it’s in the same price range as most salon hair products, and certainly meets, if not exceeds the quality of many of them, and is a welcome addition to my shower.

You can get Big from any Lush store or their website here.

Have you tried any Lush hair care? Do you have any other recommendations for me?


  • Jasmine Huston

    I use this every time I wash my hair now (I have really, really long hair and sadly, it’s oily!) and this really does the trick! No more oily hair by the end of the day! 😀

  • Chels @ COABA

    YAY!! I’m glad you love it. <3 x

  • Norlin Mustapha

    Honestly? I’ve never tried any…oh except for the lip tint…products from Lush. I think the strong scents each time I pass by the store kinda scares me. And I don’t know what to look for! I did get the lip tint via a blog swap so, didn’t have to get into the store at all. 😀 So do you think Lush products are worth their while?

  • MissRachii

    That’s so funny, because I have dry hair and it doesn’t strip my hair of any moisture! so it is an all rounder! :)

  • MissRachii

    I totally have you to thank for it! 😀 xx

  • MissRachii

    I think it can be a bit hit or miss with their products sometimes. I love this shampoo and the Dream Cream moisturiser, but I’m not a fan of their cleansers. The people that work there a lovely and are always wonderfully helpful for advice. My opinion is give them a go, and you might fall in love with something!

  • Kimberley Griffiths

    LOVE this stuff!

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