October Empties!

One step closer to the end of the year, and some more products get to enter my bin. Do I give any a second life? Read on and find out!

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Burt’s Bees Facial Cleansing Towelettes- My skin really didn’t like these, ended up only using them for cleaning swatches off my arm, which my skin was still not particularly fond of. And cleaning the occasional make up off my desk! You’ve got to find uses for them, right? Will not be repurchasing.
Neutrogena Makeup Remover Cleansing Towelettes- My current and long term favourite, you can see my review here. Already repurchased (and almost used up for that matter!).

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Rimmel Match Perfection Cream Gel Foundation- A lovely foundation, for a great price. I have also reviewed this before. I have a few foundations I’d like to use up but this is one I will certainly repurchase.
Benefit Bad Gal Lash Mascara- More of a throw out, a bit clumpy after having this for quite a while. Great mascara if you want voluminous lashes. The big wand can be a little cumbersome, but SO worth it. I would repurchase this if I didn’t have 2 unopened mascaras and numerous opened ones to use first!

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Aveeno Daily Moisturising Body Wash- Another staple. No linger unscented but I enjoy the soft scent it now has and it is still not irritating to my skin. Already repurchased.
Nutri Synergy Natural Sensitive Skin Cleanser- As I’ve said before, not a huge fan of cream cleansers, and this did nothing for me. Was given in a sample box, but I would not go and buy this one.
Loreal Perfect Clean Foaming Cream- From starting with quite low expectations for this, I actually grew to like this a lot. You can see my review here. I would repurchase this again for sure.
Gilette Satin Care Shave Gel- This has been a staple in my shower since I was a teen, and I can’t see this changing in the foreseeable future. Already a new bottle sitting in my shower caddy!

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Rexona Confidence Anti-Persperant Deodorant- Bought for me when I asked someone to get me the ‘pink Rexona.’ My bad. I don’t like powdery scented anti persperants, but worked well in any other sense. Already returned to my favourite (Rexona ‘Sexy’ scent anti persperant).
Lush Big Shampoo- I adore this shampoo, great clarifying shampoo, will be posting a full review of this in the future. I haven’t repurchased this yet, but I NEED to!

So that’s it for this month. When you find something you don’t like, do you find other uses for it, jst to use it up?