Lust Have It: October 2012

I really is a shame when I can write half the review before I have even received this month’s box. In recent times Lust Have It’s communication and organisation have left them more than a little disappointing. Payment is taken within the first few days of the month, while as I write this (on the morning of the 29th of October) I still have received no box (and it didn’t arrive until the 31st). This is certainly not the ‘middle of the month’ estimate they provide. With no tracking details, and only a short email to say ‘we have shipped your box’ (which only started this month) knowing when it will arrive is a little hit and miss.


They have also communicated that the Fun and Flirty boxes were delayed due to a company not getting the samples sent on time. While I appreciate that relying on other people to be on time so you can be on time is difficult, these sort of things should be sorted well in advance so customers aren’t left waiting.

With that aside, this is what I received in this month’s box.



Mask in a Cup Facial Mask- I received the clay- for sensitive skin, so this should be good for me.

NYX Cosmetics Nail Polish- I received Grand Royal, a dense silver glitter polish. Out of all the ones I’ve seen given, I am really glad I got this one.

Avene Clearance Skin Range- To be honest I’m really tired of getting the Avene samples, but they are designed for sensitive skin, so out of all the ones I have been given, these may be the most appropriate.

Caron Waxaway Ready to use Wax Strips- I find this sample a little bit of a filler. I got 2 double strips, but that is really not enough to do anything (maybe half of one leg?!). Furthermore, As the previous products suggest, I have SENSITIVE skin. I also am currently suffering from severe eczema and psoriasis on my legs, so there is no chance of them going near there. And for everything else (underarms, eyebrows etc.) I either get professionally done, or use heat up salon-style wax myself.

Star&Rose White Bath Fizzer- A general bath bomb, and personally not a fan of the scent.

As you can see, while there are some nice things in it, once again I am left underwhelmed. Unfortunately, for me, that is one month too many. For some time I have been saying “oh, this wasn’t too bad, I’ll give them another month.” However the less than desirable customer service and delivery time has compelled me to unsubscribe, for now . I will certainly be keeping my eye on them and if their service improves, I will happily re subscribe. But for now, my $15 is better in my pocket.

Are you disappointed with LHI this month? Or am I being too harsh?