The Little Things in Life

So, sometimes we (myself included!) get caught up in the negativity of what’s going on around us, and forget that some of the smallest things in life can instantly change our mood. So for this Monday morning, I’m sharing with you a list of things, that while small, can put a smile on my dial 🙂
  • The smell of oncoming rain
  • A really pretty sunset (or sunrise if you’re an early bird hehe)
  • A snuggly hug
  • A joke SO bad, that it’s SO funny
  • Finally getting something right you’ve been trying to master for ages
  • That sight/smell/sound that takes you back to a great time

  • The moment a pet moves that little bit more, just to be a bit closer to you
  • Watching the reaction of giving someone a present you’ve put a lot of thought into
  • Eating your favourite food
  • Finding something you want on sale, in your size/colour
  • Playing your favourite song REALLY loud
  • Mail!
  • As an extension from above- Hand written notes/letters, a rarity in such a digital age!
  • Getting a compliment (and if you’re bad at taking complements, just smile and say thank you!)
  • Seeing a child smile
  • Quiet time
  • The smell of fresh cut grass (unless you’re a hayfever sufferer!)
  • Seeing a rainbow
  • Being a part of a crowd at a concert- take a second to look around and see everyone in sync
  • A hot shower on a cold day
  • Not needing to set an alarm when you go to sleep
  •  That cool change after a stint of hot weather
  • Reading a really good book
  • A refreshing nap
  • Fresh sheets

“The trick is to enjoy life. Don’t wish away your days, waiting for better ones ahead.”

― Marjorie Pay Hinckley
What little things in life make you smile? xx