Review: Neutrogena Face Wipes

I don’t cal lmany things that I own holy grail items (I might be a little picky), but I’m pretty sure I can safely say that for me, these face wipes are HG status. I couldn’t even tell you how many packs I have gone through I have been using it for that long!



You can see what happens to the old packs here!

My one and only issue with these guys is the packaging. I really wish it had the resealable plastic lid like the others I have tried (that is actually is the reason why I tried them). I find that getting close to the end of the pack, the seal bends, loses its stick and if you’re not careful, the last few will dry out. Not travel friendly. But in saying that, I still prefer these so much more to anything else I’ve tried and I’m willing to look past the packaging, but I’m all for giving a sneaky hint to change it, right? 😉

I have given other brands’ (namely Burt’s Bees and Yes to Cucumbers) face wipes a try and they have all left my skin feeling tingly, and not in a good way- but keep in mind my skin is SUPER sensitive. Neutrogena’s face wipes feel so nice on my skin, with a really pleasant, clean scent. The wipes themselves aren’t abrasive, which is great. They are really good at just generally making my skin feel clean! They take a little effort to remove mascara, including waterproof (and my not always get it all off), but I’m happy to use a specific remover for that.

I highly recommend these if you’re in the market for a face wipe to help you remove your makeup, if you struggle to find something that suits your sensitive skin!

Do you have a favourite makeup remover/face wipe?


  • kerker

    I’ve only ever used facewipe once (can’t remember the brand) and it made my face dry. I have a packet of johnson facewipe sitting on my desk which i will be trailing shortly, lets hope it’s better. If it’s no good, I shall buy Neutrogena.

  • ReeseATOMIC

    I use the Swisspers Naturals Aloe facial wipes. AMAZEBALLS! :)

  • MissRachii

    I’ve had no luck changing brands, I always go back to these, let me know how yours go!

  • MissRachii

    Oh I love aloe! May need to check them out!

  • Cally

    Hi, have you tried the WotNot facial wipes? They can be bought in a hard plastic travel case. They only use all natural skin products and are environmentally friendly, and Australian! So they might be really good for y our sensitive skin. WotNot is a brand that does a lot of skincare products for babies. Having used a packet myself, I can vouch that they are the best I have used – so moist! But i have not used Nutrogena.

  • Anita – Pink Dynamite

    I love these as well! I’ve tried eleventy billion face wipes and always repurchase these ones!

  • Kimberley Griffiths

    These sound nice, I also really love the Wotnot facial wipes, the wipe itself is so nice and a lot thicker than the normal ones!

  • MissRachii

    ooo a hard case! Will have to look into them! Thanks :)

  • MissRachii

    They are seriously go good, glad to know I’m not the only one obsessed! haha