Weekend Haul!

This past weekend saw a lot of opportunities to buy new make up. The Heat warehouse sale and the opening of the new area of a shopping centre, left so many choices! First up, what I picked up from the Heat warehouse sale.

As you can see, the majority was nail and lip products, with the exception of a Max Factor cream blush. Bright lip colours, and stand out nail colours were something I went to find. I bought more, but it was all for a friend’s birthday. With this warehouse soon opening its doors more regularly, I think it is an awesome place to pick up a bunch of thinks for any beauty junkie! Reasonably priced too, very nice on the wallet.


The other part of this haul is from Priceline (go figure!). I picked up a blush and nail polish from Bourjois’ new candy collection. I really wanted all the eyeshadows but I resisted, IMATS is this week! I also picked up a Face of Australia lipstick in Pink Champagne, after falling in love with my first one!
There was also a GWOP after spending $25 with Bourjois. This included a nail polish, eye shadow trio and mascara. It all came in a cute little pink and white striped make up bag (seriously, I really don’t need any more of those!).
If you would like any reviews or swatches of anything here, let me know!
Have you hauled anything this week? Are you holding out for IMATS?


  • Ingrid

    Great haul! So many lovely things:)

  • ty_phang

    I really like the look of the blue nail polish you picked up! :) Great haul.

  • Stephanie Kessler

    Nice Haul! Can’t wait to see what you pick up at IMATS!

  • MissRachii

    Thanks! I’m really excited to use it :)

  • MissRachii

    Thank you! I’m pretty excited 😀

  • http://twitter.com/BeautyChattette Beauty Chattette

    oooo where is the Heat warehouse? How is the Bourjois blush? Ive heard a lot about it and want to try it

  • MissRachii

    They have moved to Scoresby, right next to the Caribbean Market, but I don’t know if that is where they will be opening their retail outlet, if it is, its a good spot! I haven’t had the chance to get good use out of the blush yet, but it seemed more pigmented than the ones I’ve bought in the past when I swatched it, which is why I’m giving it a go! :)