Review: Kudos Villas @ Red Hill

This post is a little different, but I enjoyed my time so much I just had to share it with you! My boyfriend and I celebrated our 3 year anniversary last week and we decided to take a little mid week getaway just for the two of us. The Mornington Peninsula called our names and we found a gorgeous looking place called Kudos Villas in Red Hill (located on The Vines winery). I’ll warn you in advance, this will be picture heavy. I got a hold of my boyfriend’s DSLR and went to town (we all know what I want for Christmas now!).

View from the deck *peaceful*

View from the deck *peaceful*

Upon arrival we were surrounded by trees and quiet, and were pretty much out of phone signal range. The techno-addict in me took a little to adjust to this. And holy mackerel, was this place pretty. The bed, the spa, the fixings, all the detail in this place was stunning, and only something I can show with photos. There was even a full kitchen to allow the cooking of romantic dinners 😉

Pretty lights, mirror and already 'comfy-checked' bed

Pretty lights, mirror and already ‘comfy-checked’ bed

Pretty lights, mirror and already ‘comfy-checked’ bedThis bed gets a special mention. When we arrived, we sat on the bed to see how comfy the mattress was. It was really hard and at first I thought we would be in for an interesting nights sleep. However when we climbed in later, we found a remote that we began to push buttons to try and figure out what it did and we found out. IT CHANGED THE TENSION OF THE MATTRESS. As I pressed the down button I felt my mattress softening and me sinking into it. And not only that, each side of the bed has its own control. This is the bed of my dreams, people.

The spa. You couldn't hide my excitement!

The spa. You couldn’t hide my excitement!

Lounge area. And the 'love seat'

Lounge area. And the ‘love seat’

What you see there, they call the ‘love seat.’ Aptly named (not for that you pervs!), but because I LOVE it. It is so comfy to curl up with in front of the TV and fire (with a selection of DVD movies to watch). It was like the couch was giving you a hug. You can even buy these for your home. Who’s got two thumbs and will have one of these one day? This girl!

And the thing that made this place amazing? The little things. Wine, chocolates, robes, slippers, and even a little spa set containing all the lovely things you need to have a relaxing time. Along with that, we were supplied with local bread and supplies for breakfast, that lasted us both mornings!

Wine and chocolates

Wine and chocolates

Kudos Villas offer in room massages for extra, and I can tell you it was incredible! One full hour of top to toe massages made me so relaxed and was so worth the little extra money. All in all this place was amazing, and somewhere I really want to go to again! The tranquillity was something I loved and it was so much fun to spend time with just the two of us with nothing to worry about.

The also have villas in Hepburn Springs (near Dalesford) and I would love to visit them one day too. I highly recommend this to someone looking for a wonderful getaway if you’re in Victoria.

What’s been your favourite getaway?