Lust Have It: September 2012

This is the second of my beauty subscriptions, you can see what I got and what I thought below!



This is the Fun and Flirty box for September. On a side note, I never thought I’d say I have too many make up/toiletry bags, but getting these almost monthly is becoming a little too much. But I do love them, they do carry a lot, and you can see how much one holds in my ‘travel make up bag’ post here.

Dermalogica PreCleanse-I haven’t tried anything from Dermalogica (even though I have been meaning to!). However adding another step to my cleansing routine seems a bit tedious, so this would have to be amazing for me to want to purchase full size.

Dermalogica Active Toner- Smells quite nice, will be good to have another toner to compare my Lush one with. But I do with the had substituted this for a cleanser, to go with the PreCleanse

Davroe Ultimatum Non Aerosol Hairspray- The Davroe products I have tried from here in the past I have really liked, and even bought one full size. I haven’t used a non aerosol hairspray before, I am interested to see if it saturates my hair too much.

Mirenesse “Protect Me”- Tinted- A tinted anti ageing balm with SPF. My assumption can only be this is a similar idea to BB creams or tinted moisturisers. Many have left me under whelmed in the past, but we will see.

Say it With Scent Hand and Body Lotion- I must admit the packaging is really cute, and the green tea scent is quite nice. Not that I need another hand lotion, but this is perfect handbag size, so I’m sure it will get plenty of use.

This month also came with some extra offers. All coming with their own conditions.

Mirenesse Cat Eyes Eyeliner- From their Facebook page, but you need to sign up to their emails, and if you have experienced them before, they are more than a little annoying. They arrive so often my email often thinks they are spam.

Free Davroe styling product from their website- You get a certain selection to choose from, I chose something I haven’t tried from them before. You also had to pay for shipping. The one issue trying to get this was with trying to pay. If you pay by Paypal or credit card (which uses Paypal), it doesn’t accept the $0.00 price of the product- I needed to change it to $0.01. I know, one cent isn’t a big deal, but something that was frustrating when trying to pay.

Free Demalogica treatment (Active Resurface 35)- Only when purchasing $50 of product. As I have been wanting to try out a cleanser from them for a while, I may use it, but I probably wouldn’t otherwise.

This month was good in the sense that I have got the opportunity to try a brand I have wanted to for a while, but overall was a little underwhelming. Once again the lack of make up is disappointing, and the hoops we have to jump through to access the extras can be frustrating, I completely get they are trying to up the coverage of their brand- but the incessant emails are a bit much. And while I’m happy to pay to ship a free product, it shouldn’t be as difficult as it was.

What did you get this month? And what do you think of these contents?