Review: Essence Stay All Day Long Lasting Eyeshadow

I have a BIG love for cream eyeshadows. BIG LOVE. I love the way they go on and how they make a fantastic base for eye looks. So I am always on the hunt for ones to add to my collection.

Enter Essence cosmetics. This European brand has been on my radar for a while, but until Target and Priceline started stocking them, they were fairly difficult to get in Australia. So obviously as soon as my local Priceline had their shiny new display up I was like a bee to a honey pot. And with that brought the purchase of these two lovely shades.



03- Steel the Show

The first is 02- Glammy Goes To. This is a metallic gold shade. Very bright and very metallic.

The second is 03- Steel the Show. This is a metallic, taupe/pewter shade. Still a very metallic finish, but less bright than the gold.
Top- Glammy Goes To Bottom- Steel the Show Taken outside, in the shade.

Top- Glammy Goes To
Bottom- Steel the Show
Taken outside, in the shade.

The consistency of these is a little different to some cream eyeshadows I have used before. I find that they are a little harder, and almost feel somewhat greasy when placed on to the skin. People with oily eyelids might find that a little troubling, but I don’t have that issue. Although when placed on the skin, they are well pigmented and spread evenly. The metallic-ness of these is almost a little too much for me alone, as they seem so reflective. To fix that I tend to set them with a matte powder eyeshadow to tone it down a little.

Now for the wear time. It is phenomenal. I have used them both with and without a primer and they have lasted in excess of 8 hours without creasing. This past weekend, I used them both over a primer and under a powder eyeshadow and they lasted a whopping 12 hours before I took my make up off. Not one hint of a smudge or a crease. Which even included a sneaky mid afternoon siesta! I was astounded, although my boyfriend didn’t quite understand why I was so excited. Bless.

My only concern is that due to the hard consistency of the product, that they may dry out quicker than some of my high end counterparts. But for now, all is well.

The real kicker here? The price. The babies come in at an awesome $5.50! Such good value for such a good product. You can find them at both Target and Priceline.

If you want something that can last both a lunch date and an evening of dancing in one day, I highly recommend you give these a go!

Do you love cream shadows as much as I do?
Have you tried Essence before?