Review: Muk ‘Deep Muk’ 1 Minute Ultra Soft Treatment

I always seem to start posts about hair complaining about how dry my hair is. This one is no different. I’m so reluctant to cut my hair that I need to do everything in my power to keep the ends hydrated. And now that I finally had the chop, maintaining those pretty ends is high on my list of priorities! Which consequently, means trying out any treatment I can get my hands on.

And it just so happened that this little beauty fell into my hands because of the gorgeous Michaela from Lather Rinse Repeat. If you haven’t already, go check her blog out, if not for the witty reviews, but for the Paul Rudd gifs that are often included 😉


This Muk 1 minute ultra soft treatment has extracts of sea kelp to help make your hair soft and shiny. How may you ask? I’m not sure, but I do know how soft my hair feels, and that’s good enough for me!

Generally I’ll wash my hair, get as much water out as possible (occasionally quickly dry with a towel) then work this through the entire length of my hair with a wide tooth comb (I actually use one now! More on that to come…), but mostly focussing on the ends. I don’t suffer from an oily scalp at all, and if you do, I wouldn’t go soaking your head from the scalp down. However, this product isn’t as heavy as a lot of treatments, so I would think that you may not be as scary as you think. But tread carefully and use it as you see fit 🙂

Now as the name suggests, you can leave this in for as little as one minute. But a little is good, so more must be better, right?! I usually leave this on while I do all my other shower like things and leave washing it out as the last thing I do. After washing it out my hair doesn’t feel packed with product and when my hair is dry, I have wonderfully soft hair. The directions say this is suitable for daily use, so I have used it as a normal conditioner and didn’t find any build up of product in my hair. It is really helping me battle the dryness that winter has brought along with it.

Funnily enough, I had the corresponding ultra soft leave in conditioner spray sitting on my shelf getting no love. So when I got this in the mail, I pulled it out and started using them together, what a glorious combination they turned out to be, they both smell amazing and leave my hair super soft. A perfect win for me!

I then decided to get the shampoo and conditioner set (along with another tube of the treatment!) I found at Hairhouse Warehouse. I am now living quite comfortably as a part of the Deep Muk family.


You can purchase Muk products from Hairhouse Warehouse or online here (most products are about $23.95).

Have you used this treatment before?

Once again a big thank you to Michaela for sending this to me. The spray, shampoo and conditioner was purchased by myself.