Review: Muk ‘Deep Muk’ 1 Minute Ultra Soft Treatment

I always seem to start posts about hair complaining about how dry my hair is. This one is no different. I’m so reluctant to cut my hair that I need to do everything in my power to keep the ends hydrated. And now that I finally had the chop, maintaining those pretty ends is high on my list of priorities! Which consequently, means trying out any treatment I can get my hands on.

And it just so happened that this little beauty fell into my hands because of the gorgeous Michaela from Lather Rinse Repeat. If you haven’t already, go check her blog out, if not for the witty reviews, but for the Paul Rudd gifs that are often included 😉


June Empties!

Since this is my first empties post I may as well begin with a bang. I have never felt that what I have used up over a month has really ever made a blog worthy post. But boy oh boy do I have and epic (yes, I did say epic) list for you for the month of June. So let’s get into it!


Lush Ocean Salt Scrub

This was WAY to harsh to use on my face, the salt chunks in it are just that, chunks. I liked using it on my body but found a lot of wastage- so many of the salt chunk just get washed off straight away. And considering the price vs the size of the tub + wastage, it’s not worth a repurchase. Beauty math right there people.