"Tell Me About Yourself" Award + 7 Random Facts

Earlier this week, the lovely Peach’s Beauty (go check her out!!) awarded a lovely “tell me about yourself” award. I then was asked to give you some random facts about myself. Well, considering I am a terribly random person, I feel I should be able to do this with ease!


1. My volume has to be on an even number or a multiple of 5. Or 21. 21 is okay.
2. I tend to clean backwards. I’ll pull everything out of it’s place, even if it wasn’t in the wrong place to begin with. And go from there.
3. I’m overly obsessed with the colour pink. Some friends have commented on the overload of pink in my bedroom.
4. I pole dance. For fun and exercise. And I own a pole. If you want to find out what all the fun is about, see one of my very firsts posts on it here.
5. I talk to my dogs like they understand every word I say, and think they just selectively listen for the word ‘treat.’ Side note: dogs really do go wacko for Schmackos.
6. I love lemon scented things. Can occasionally make cleaning fun.
7. I get overly attached to fictional TV characters.
Now for the lovely ladies who’s blogs I love and I would like to know some random things about! And that you should also check out if you haven’t already!
1. Joanne of jimmilou.com – because she has a drool worthy wardrobe and a gorgeous personality
2. Chels of Confessions of a Beauty Addict – because her anti hoarding tendencies inspire me and she is a great twitter buddy!
3. Su of My Perfume Diaries – because her perfume collection is to die for and love reading her scent descriptions!! (I secretly wish my nose was that good!)
I hope you’re all having a lovely day!