Review: Rimmel Match Perfection Cream Gel Foundation + Beauty Blender Mini Review

Finding a foundation that matches you skin colour can be a nightmare. Hand testing, florescent lights and everything else that comes with trying to test foundations in store make it all that much harder. This is exactly why I’m sucked into claims that a foundation can work to your skin tone. This brought me to Rimmel’s Match Perfection Cream Gel Foundation. Its main claim is that it can adapt to your own skin tone and texture. When I saw these on display I thought there was no chance any of the shades would suit, they all look quite dark! Even the ivory shade looked darker than you would expect from something named ivory, but since I am not THAT pale, I thought this would be the right shade for me.



The jar is made of glass and quite heavy, no overly travel efficient, but most certainly durable enough to throw into your bag without worrying about breakage. Under the lid is also a plastic seal/lid that keeps the foundation from drying out, but also prevents leakage from the outer packaging. After getting this home and opening the jar, I can say, it’s THICK. The cream gel description is pretty much spot on. It almost reminds me of a thickness similar to a night cream.


This has lead to a good amount of testing to find out which application technique was going to work best. I started with using buffing brushes. One synthetic, one natural hair. No matter what I did I just couldn’t get the foundation to apply how I would like. Thick, streaky and was just not natural enough. Secondly I tried using my hands. This provided something more natural looking that I was happy wearing. I felt like the warmth from my hands was helping the blending along really well.

And then. This happened.


I have had the beauty blender sponge for quite a while now, but had never felt it had lived up to its hype. Until now. I spent weeks looking at this and never using it while trialling this foundation. It wasn’t until one day I saw it sitting there just as I was about to do my make up and thought I would give it a go. All I can say is WOW (and why didn’t I try it sooner?!). Something about the texture of the sponge, the fact that its damp and thins out the consistency of the foundation when you apply it gives the best results. I finally had that airbrushed look that people said the beauty blender could deliver. All through a sponge that can hold a little water!

The colour of the foundation matched me really wonderfully and lived up to its matching claim really well (even though on my hand it looked WAY to dark). But if you are quite pale, I’d still approach these with some caution. On my dry skin this was wonderful, not making me flake out at all. I still use a setting powder just to stop and oiliness and keep it looking fresh. I can get a good 8 hours out of this foundation, with the occasional touch up with powder, which I love.

My only concern with this foundation is the scent, it is quite powerful, and may be too much for some people, particularly if your skin is sensitive to things like that in your make up. After swatching on my hand, the scent lingered or about half an hour, and was still slightly noticeable after that. But after application to the face I couldn’t notice it, even less so when I applied with the beauty blender. This foundation does not contain SPF so it would make a great night foundation, or make sure you apply sunscreen before!

Overall I really enjoy this foundation, now that I have found a great way to apply it. This has been my go to foundation for a few weeks now, and I’m very sure it will continue to be!

What is your current favourite foundation + application combo?