NOTD Sweetheart Sparkle

WOW. I don’t think I have loved a manicure so much in such a long time. Bold statement? Yes. Unjustified? No. Just you wait and see!

As many of you would already know, Pinterest (you can visit mine here!) is a pretty much a Mecca for inspiration for anything you like. Beauty included. And I came across a manicure that tugged at my heartstrings. It was pink (tick!), It had sparkles (hello, bell-bird!). I was in love, and just had to re create it. Now instead of rambling like a love sick school girl I should just get on to the pictures. But I will apologise for the lighting in these photos in advance. If you like in Melbourne, you will know of the grey, gloomy weather we have been experiencing the last few days, ruining any chances of amazing, sparkly photos I had hoped to get, but I’m sure you will get the idea 😉


I started off with 2 coats of OPI’s Sweetheart, and then one thin coat of Nicole by OPI’s Kim-Pletely in Love. I was hoping it would add a little iridescence to the creaminess of Sweetheart, but unless I poke you in the eye, you probably won’t notice it behind all that glitter 😉 The glitter polish is Model’s Own Juicy Jules, and by George, isn’t it pretty!? The multi coloured silver glitter is exactly what I needed to do this. I started off placing some at the tip of the nail and gradually working some down my nail to create a thinner effect. Unfortunately my camera was washing out the pink-ness of Sweetheart, but my iPhone picked it up beautifully, so below is a more true to life colour of it.

This is by far not a autumn like mani, but I couldn’t care less! On these cold, dreary days all I need to do is look at my nails and it makes me happy! I have another glitter polish from Model’s Own (in Purple!!) That I’m excited to try this look with, and I already know what to put under it 😉

Now I want to know,
Are you a glitter fiend like me?
What amazing inspiration have you found on Pinterest?