The ABC of me

I have a horrible attention span. To go along with my love of shiny objects, I get distracted so easily. But when I find something that piques my interest, I’m good for a few long hours. And here lies the result. After scrolling through the lovely blog Chasing Elixir I came across a post called ‘The ABC of me’ that she posted quite a while ago. Like many others I love random facts and even more about other people! You are sure to find a perfect topic of conversation in a lesser known fact about someone 🙂 So in the spirit of getting to know me a little more; here I go!

A: Age- 22
B: Bed size- Queen. Possibly way too oversized for my tiny bedroom but I enjoy my space when I sleep!
C: Chore you hate- Dishes. The day I own my own dishwasher will be the happiest day of  my life. However my dad continues to tell me there already is one (me!). Haha dad, haha.
D: Day- Saturday. This has finally become a work free day for me as many would know in retail as hard to come by. I negotiated my roster upon moving from casual to part time to something that works and I finally enjoy a portion of my weekends!
E: Essential start to your day- A banana. I always find if I wake up with the worst feeling, a banana always fixes it. Thank the banana gods they are now cheap again!
F: Favourite colour- Pink. Anyone who know me is aware of my obsession, with my room possibly on pink overload. I’m working on fixing this through redecorating.
G: Gold or silver- Silver.
H: Height- 175cm.
I: Instruments- Failed attempts at guitar, recorder and clarinet. I faced the fact I’m not musically inclined. I could probably butcher a triangle.
J: Job title- Register operator/ Tool shop advisor.
K: Kids- My puppies Charlie and Roxy
L: Live- Born and bred Melbournite!
M: Mum’s name- Jacinta
N: Nickname- Rachii
O: Overnight hospital stay- Have not had one at this point in time *touch wood*
P: Pet peeve- Arrogance. I often get frustrated at peoples abilities to see the other side or the bigger picture. And thinking you’re always right picks that nerve on me.
Q: Quote from a movie-  It’s not “just” a hand bag. It’s Prada!- White Chicks
R: Right or left handed- Right.
S: Siblings- Younger sister.
T: Time you wake up- Whenever I am required. My body clock works wonderfully allowing me more sleep when I like!
U: Underwear- Pretty, lacy, comfy. You name it, I’ve got it.
V: Vegetables you dislike- Mushrooms and asparagus.
W: What makes you run late- My underestimation of travel times and the length of time it takes me to get ready.
X: X-rays you’ve had- My teeth. Pretty lucky on this front too.
Y: Yummy food you make- I make mean slices and truffles. Bad for the waistline but always a winner!
Z: Zoo- Have not been in so so long. I have been meaning to see the baby elephant!!

I’d love to see some more of these posts, so if you do one, or already have, post it in the comments!