NOTD: Essence Love of Pink

Last night I spent way too long trying to decide what colour I wanted to paint my nails. And it appears as a fail-safe move I always fall back to pinks- probably why I have over 20 pinks in my collection! So when I finally decided today, it was clear this fitted my adoration of pink, and the name says it all.

This Polish is a part of their “Multi Dimension XXXL shine” range. And it really lives up to having that shine factor. While it doesn’t give the shine like a topcoat will, if you were time constrained you would definitely find this sufficient.
It is quite a blue based pink, hinting towards a brighter raspberry colour. With the cloud cover I have today (seriously Melbourne, this is supposed to be summer!) it was quite hard to catch a true colour on camera but the picture below gives quite a good representation. It also shows off the shine factor- I haven’t applied a top coat. If anything, the shine in the photo takes away from the true creaminess of the polish.
This was amazing to apply 1-2 coats for an opaque finish. As this is my first essence polish, I’m unsure of how it will wear, but the true test will come this evening when I head to work. If any of my polishes last through a shift at work, they are a winner to me.
Essence polishes are extremely cheap and well worth the money. I am unsure if the Multi Dimension polishes are available because I purchased this from the Heat Warehouse Sale last year, but if this polish is anything to go by, the rest will a big hit with me and you will be seeing may more of their polishes pop up on here!
Essence cosmetics are available at Target.
Have you tries Essence nail polishes before? Any recommendations for me to try out?

The ABC of me

I have a horrible attention span. To go along with my love of shiny objects, I get distracted so easily. But when I find something that piques my interest, I’m good for a few long hours. And here lies the result. After scrolling through the lovely blog Chasing Elixir I came across a post called ‘The ABC of me’ that she posted quite a while ago. Like many others I love random facts and even more about other people! You are sure to find a perfect topic of conversation in a lesser known fact about someone :) So in the spirit of getting to know me a little more; here I go!

A: Age- 22
B: Bed size- Queen. Possibly way too oversized for my tiny bedroom but I enjoy my space when I sleep!
C: Chore you hate- Dishes. The day I own my own dishwasher will be the happiest day of  my life. However my dad continues to tell me there already is one (me!). Haha dad, haha.
D: Day- Saturday. This has finally become a work free day for me as many would know in retail as hard to come by. I negotiated my roster upon moving from casual to part time to something that works and I finally enjoy a portion of my weekends! Read More »

Review: Sally Hansen Salon Effects Real Nail Polish Strips

Welcome everyone to 2012, I hope you all had fantastic holidays!

Now, I’m a sucker for nail polish. Pink nail polish. Oh, and glitter. My only issue is that nail polish NEVER lasts on me. Almost every nail polish I have used (bar a select few) peel within 24-48 hours. Base coats, top coats and everything in between don’t seem to make it last. And even weirder, it peels off in sheets, sometimes the entire nail’s paint! And between working as a masseur and in a hardware store, my hands take a fair beating, so this makes everything worse. I could paint my nails in the morning and one afternoon shift will have me in chips-ville.


In walks in the nail polish strip phenomenon. Now considering my luck with nail polish peeling anyway, I scoffed at these things having any chance of lasting on my nails. But new years eve rolled around and I was wandering through Priceline for some nail inspiration. And I noticed the Sally Hansen Nail Strips display fully stocked…this almost never happens, and to my joy, full of pink, sparkly goodness sat the pack of ‘Bling it on.’ And I thought to myself, well it is new years, so I only really need it for the night, just give it a go.

And boy oh boy I am so glad that I did! Read More »